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To use your Google Checkout account to take payments on your Shopfitter webshop:

  • log into your Shopfitter Admin account at,
  • click on the Payment Gateway menu
  • select the tickbox for Google Checkout
  • add your Google Merchant ID number in the space provided - find this in the panel described and shown below at 1
  • click the 'Update payment types' button


  • log into your Google checkout account at
  • click on 'Settings' tab at the top
  • click on 'Integration' in the left menu
  • Untick the box next to "Shopping trolley post security - For extra security, my company will only post digitally signed XML shopping trolleys" as shown at 2 below
  • Add the "callback url" as shown in the example below at 3
  • Click the radio button to select "HTML" as shown at 4
  • Click on 'Advanced Settings', shown at 5 and then tick the first, third and fourth boxes as shown DO NOT tick the second or fifth boxes
  • Set the version to 2.2
  • Click the 'Save' button - 6

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